Early Childhood Intervention

You love your child. But at some point, you recognize that something isn’t quite right: she or he is having extra trouble with aspects of daily life – speaking, eating, physical or emotional behaviors. Is this just a phase, or is there something more significant at stake?

These are important questions. Researchers have learned that the human brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive to learning, between birth and three years of age. A child’s ability to process new information is critical to a healthy, productive life.

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Your child needs a professional assessment. Goodwin Therapy Specialists are experts in assessing a range of issues to determine if therapeutic treatments will be useful. If therapy is called for, we will work with your insurance agency and begin treatments in two to four weeks after the assessment.

The sooner you bring in your child to early childhood intervention program, the sooner we can begin therapy. We take a holistic approach to assessments and therapy, so that we can identify and treat your child’s issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. If we identify more deep-seated issues like autism, we will make arrangements for additional treatment by certified professionals.


Goodwin Therapy Specialists Early Childhood Intervention Programs

Goodwin Therapy Specialists have experts on staff to address a range of issues for children via Early Childhood Intervention. Among our therapy treatments:

Helps children better communicate by overcoming stuttering, speech difficulties, and misunderstanding of the social rules of communications to enable them to understand and express themselves.

Helps infants and children who struggle with chewing, sucking, eating or swallowing. A child’s issues may be due to developmental delays or as a response to environment or sensory stimuli. With successful treatment, your child’s stress is reduced and he or she can enjoy meals and a healthy diet.

Helps a child develop the skills needed to grow into functional and independent person. Our programs help a child improve fine motor skills and focus and address sensory and attention issues that stand in the way of good social relations.

Helps correct issues that interfere with chewing, swallowing, speaking, sleeping, oral hygiene, and facial aesthetics. Often the issues are related to physical patterns, such as breathing primarily through the mouth instead of the nose, tongue thrusting, and low tongue positioning that may originate with thumb, finger or pacifier oral habits.

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Your child’s treatment plan is designed for steady progress to build and improve their everyday capabilities.

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