Our Pediatric Therapy Learning Spaces

Little Red Wagon Pediatric Therapy recognizes that people respond positively or negatively to their environment. This is true for children, and particularly for children in a therapy setting.

Little Red Wagon learning spaces are specifically designed to provide a positive, uplifting and well-grounded experience for kids. Our learning spaces are organized for the therapy treatments we provide. For the child, this means a warmer, safer, more controlled environment, with a minimum of distractions. In a structured environment, we focus on providing your child with a sense of belonging, and that his or her session is “all about you.”

Since parents are often included in therapy sessions, your child learns to associate his or her improvements with your presence, and you learn the combination of words, actions and environment that help your child succeed. Our focus on creating positive learning spaces is a direct reflection of our goal: to provide caring and highly professional support for you and your child.

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Your child’s treatment plan is designed for steady progress to build and improve their everyday capabilities.

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