Family Focused Therapy Fort Worth

Utilizing a holistic approach that integrates speech, feeding, and occupational therapy, our objective is to identify the root causes of our client's challenges, emphasizing the resolution of underlying issues rather than solely addressing symptoms.

Family focused therapy
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We are proud to have served more than 600 Dallas-Fort Worth area families.


Our top priority is delivering personalized and attentive care, always tailored to meet your and/or your child(ren)’s unique needs. We are dedicated to imparting skills and strategies that contribute to success both at home and in the community. Particularly for our pediatric clients, we strongly advocate for family-focused therapy, emphasizing family participation throughout the therapeutic process.

Depending on your child’s needs and your preferences, parents may be invited to observe therapy sessions. After each session, the therapist will review your child’s achievements, identify areas for improvement, and provide a “homework” assignment to work on at home before the next appointment. We frequently share strategies and techniques used in therapy with you and your family to ensure success in the home environment.