Providing Pediatric Therapy in Haslet and surrounding areas empowers your child to discover and express their voice.

We are committed to delivering Pediatric Therapy in Haslet, TX to support children and families in their day-to-day lives through specialized services such as speech, feeding, and occupational therapy.

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Our Locations

Little Red Wagon Pediatric Therapy provides services in the Haslet area to best cater to you and your family’s needs.

New Patients

We are currently accepting new patients at each of our locations. To learn more and request an appointment, call us today at 817-764-3825.

Our Therapy Services

We offer pediatric speech, occupational, feeding and myofunctional therapy 
services. We also support adults
on a case-by-case basis.

Welcome to Little Red Wagon Pediatric Therapy!

Since our establishment in 2016, we have proudly provided Pediatric Therapy services to over 600 families in the Haslet area

At Little Red Wagon, we strongly believe in the power of family involvement for a child’s success. Our dedicated therapists work collaboratively with families, forming a united team to ensure success both at home and in the community.

Discover more about our compassionate philosophy of care by giving us a call at 817-764-3825 today. Learn how we can support and enhance the well-being of your family.

Our Therapy Services

Speech Therapy

Helps children better communicate by overcoming speech difficulties, (ie. letter sounds) comprehension, clarity…

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Occupational Therapy

Develops the skills needed to grow into functional and independent adults.

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Feeding Therapy

Helps infants or children who struggle with sucking, chewing, feeding or swallowing…

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Focuses on a parent coaching model beyond the clinic’s controlled environment.

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If you are searching for answers to these types of questions or have concerns about your child, adolescent, or family, we can help​.


“They were very supportive, knowledgeable, gave lots of suggestions and referred me to resources I hadn’t thought of. We were encouraged to observe therapy sessions if we wished and they always brought us in to discuss progress we were seeing at home and what they saw with our child.” 

Muriel Buie

“The therapists are great with my son who has Autism. It was a challenge to find a pediatric therapy office for us; now, my son has been able to excel. The therapists are very personable and take the time to go over my son’s progress and give me recommendations on how to deal with meltdowns (that actually work).”

Elissia Jamison

“At the age of 3, my son could only say single words and syllables. At this crucial time in his life, we knew we needed to get him help as soon as possible. They set-up a therapy plan, homework assignments, various goals and deadlines. He made progress within weeks! Each week he mastered his goals and began to truly find his voice.”

Stephanie Moen