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Pediatric Therapy Specialists in Fort Worth, TX


Little Red Wagon Pediatric Therapy was established in 2016 to provide Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Myofunctional Therapy services for children from birth to 20 years of age. Our areas of expertise are provided in the clinical setting while educating the family to ensure success in the home and community. We strongly believe it is a team effort to achieve the best possible outcome for your child to gain independence across a variety of settings.

Pediatric Therapy Services in Fort Worth, TX

We currently offer Pediatric Therapy in Fort Worth, TX to support children and families to grow and improve in their day-to-day-lives. Not sure if your needs fall into one of these categories? To learn more, call us at 817-764-3825.

Speech Therapy

Helps children better communicate by overcoming speech difficulties, (ie. letter sounds) comprehension, clarity…

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Occupational Therapy

Develops the skills needed to grow into functional and independent adults.

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Feeding Therapy

Helps infants or children who struggle with sucking, chewing, feeding or swallowing…

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Focuses on a parent coaching model beyond the clinic’s controlled environment.

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