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As speech therapists, we understand the importance of communicating with your child.

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We are proud to have served more than 2000 Dallas-Fort Worth area families.

Speech Therapy at Goodwin Therapy Specialists

A child’s first words are something that all parents look forward to; often imagining how much easier it will be when they can use their words, instead of crying out of frustration.

Speech therapy is a service provided to aid individuals in overcoming communication difficulties that may impact their ability to build relationships and interact with others on a day-to-day basis.

These difficulties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Late talkers
  • Articulation/Phonology Disorders: Difficulties with the way sounds are formed. If your child struggles with this, it is likely others have a hard time understanding them.
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech: These children have difficulty with the motor planning of speech productions. They are highly unintelligible and might appear to try really hard to communicate but they are unable to.
  • Receptive/Expressive Language Disorders (vocabulary, comprehension, sentence structures, etc.): If you child struggles with this, they may have difficulties following directions, paying attention to tasks, do not use as many words as other children or have difficulty combining words into sentences.
  • Fluency (Stuttering): Your child might have disruption in the flow of speech and repeat syllables, words or phrases resulting in unnatural speech. Parents often describe their child getting “stuck” on words.
  • Pragmatic/Social communication: Difficulty understanding the “social” rules of language, such as humor, personal space/boundaries and conversational rules
Goodwin Therapy Specialists is located in Fort Worth and Haslet, Texas
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Speech Language Development

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Speech Therapy Teaching Techniques for children

Do you want to know more about speech issues that children can face? Or do you have questions about a diagnosis your child has received? Here are a few rehabilitation resources to get you started:

See below for a brief timeline of when your child should reach certain speech milestones.

  • 12 months of age: Your child will say their first word and should soon after having 2-6 words in their vocabulary, other than “mama” and “dada.”
  • 18 months: Your child should be saying approximately 50 words on a regular basis.
  • 18-24 months: Your child will begin to combine words.
  • 24-30 months: Your child should have 200-300 words in their vocabulary.
  • 2 years: Your child should be 50% intelligible to an unknown listener.
  • 3 years: your child should be using 3-word phrases and have a vocabulary of up to 1000 words. Your child’s speech should be 75% intelligible to an unknown listener.
  • 4 years: Your child’s speech should be 100% intelligible to an unknown listener.

We understand it is difficult to seek therapy help for your child and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

We invite you to give us a call If you have further questions regarding speech therapy, or would like to schedule an initial evaluation.
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Insurance Carriers

Most major insurance companies have plans that cover our therapy services.

Check with your provider to make sure coverage includes the treatments Goodwin Therapy Specialists offers. If you have a question, or your insurance company is not listed below, give us a call – we’ll be glad to help.

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Goodwin Therapy Specialists

Goodwin Therapy Specialists, formerly Little Red Wagon Pediatric Therapy, was established in 2016. We are proud to have served more than 2000 Dallas-Fort Worth area families.


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What to know about the initial evaluation

Evaluation length will depend on your child’s individual needs; an evaluation may last 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

All staff at Goodwin Therapy Specialists are highly qualified and work as a team to help your child meet their fullest potential. Depending on your child’s needs, family availability and therapist availability, it is possible your child will receive services with another therapist following the initial evaluation.

Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID. If your child has previously received services from another source, whether it be a different facility or the school district, bring a copy of any prior evaluations/IEP.

What to expect when your child begins therapy

We deeply value family support and education and believe that it is the key to success when working with our families. For this reason, we do ask that parents plan to be part of their child’s therapy session.

It is important that you are an active participant in your child’s therapy to ensure carryover into the home/community and for the therapist to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have.

The duration and frequency of your child’s treatment is highly dependent on the results of the evaluation, the child’s motivation to succeed and family participation.

Since our care plans are highly personalized to each child and based on the child’s needs and severity of their delay, therapy duration and frequency will be discussed at the end of the initial evaluation and following consequential re-assessments.

  • Speech/feeding/myofunctionaltherapy sessions typically last 30-40 minutes.
  • Occupational therapy sessions typically last 45-60 minutes. 

At the conclusion of each therapy session, the therapist will provide you with strategies, techniques and written/verbal homework to complete at home until your next session.

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Your child’s treatment plan is designed for steady progress to build and improve their everyday capabilities.